Core Skills for Work

Developmental Framework & CSfW Resources

As a way of defining and measuring a student’s ability to meet the core skills required within a workplace.

CSfW Replaces Employability Skills

Core skills for work can be measured via a pre course assessment to determine whether the prospective student is currently at the appropriate CSfW level (stage) to undertake their course of choice.

If it is determined via the initial assessment that the student is not currently at the correct level for the course, their future needs are then identified. This enables the RTO to adequately support the student to achieve the identified CSfW level required by the end of the course.

Have you considered these questions for your CSfW implementation in your training course?

How can an initial assessment be undertaken?

How can students be supported to increase their CSfW skills?

How can the Foundation Skills Training Package be used to increase students’ CSfW?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, we can provide the answers for you.


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For further information on the Australian Core Skills Framework, please visit the Government Industry Website.