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e-learning is the current buzz word in vocational education

Many people have had the experience of a manager saying “we are moving to e-learning, just put your stuff online!!”.

However, that’s much easier said than done. e-learning can offer a great deal of flexibility for both tutors and students and be time and cost effective in the long term. It also allows students to experience real world situations during their training.

Whilst all this is great, trainers are not born with an innate ability to develop e-learning units.

To implement e-learning in your organisation successfully, you need a good understanding of:

What exactly is e-learning?

What can it achieve?

How will it fit the needs of my organisation/course?

What software will I need?

How much will it all cost?

How to get my trainers to accept e-learning?

How do I keep the quality of the training?

Our experience in e-learning training and consultancy can help your organisation implement a successful e-learning program and support your trainers to become productive teachers.


Would you like to know more?

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