Consultancy & Workshop Facilitation

eLearning, LLN and Foundation Skills

Envision Training Provides Workshop and Consultancy in LLN, eLearning and Foundation Skills.

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Getting Started With eLearning

This workshop covers:

  • Everything you need to know to start on the e-learning journey.
  • What is e-learning.
  • How e-learning can fit within your current RTO model.
  • e-learning jargon explained.
  • What you need to get started.
  • How to access free software.
  • e-learning and compliance.
  • How to get your trainers excited about e-learning.
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Foundation Skills Implementation Workshops

This workshop supports participants to understand the new Foundation Skills requirements by providing:

  • Easy to understand explanations of Foundation Skills requirements.
  • Step by step explanations of the ACSF and CSfW frameworks.
  • Examples of how to apply ACSF and CSfW requirements into your RTO.
  • Benefits of embedding ACSF and CSfW frameworks into the day to day culture of your RTO.
  • Addressing the regulatory requirements related to Foundation Skills implementation.
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Transforming Classroom Based Content to Interactive eLearning

This workshop supports participants to:

  • Identify the range of e-learning delivery options available.
  • Identify free software that can be used to develop engaging and interactive e-learning.
  • Transform classroom based sessions plans into e-learning masterpieces.
  • Use e-learning to engage students into the learning and support adult learning styles
Power of elearning

Harnessing The Power Of eLearning

This workshop teaches participants to:

  • Use e-learning to improve and enhance their training delivery.
  • Use e-learning to improve and enhance their assessment processes.
  • Use e-learning to support LLN within VET training.
  • Use e-learning to track student participation.
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Developing e-Assessments

This workshop highlights:

  • Identifying e-assessment options.
  • Identifying free and paid software to support e-assessment.
  • Developing e-assessment processes that meet competency standards.
  • Building e-assessment tools that align with compliance requirements
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Embedding LLN Support into eLearning

This workshops supports participants to understand a range of ways e-learning can support the development of LLN skills.


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