About Envision Training

Who's Behind Envision Training?

Sheila Douglas

My name is Sheila Douglas and I have been involved in the Vocational Education and Training industry for over 18 years. My interest in quality vocational education led me to further my knowledge in the areas of e-learning and language, literacy and numeracy support. Skills in these areas support vocational learning as it continues to grow, evolve and meet the changing needs of vocational training.

International Specialised Skills Institute – Overseas Research Fellowship

I have been honored to receive an International Specialised Skills Institute – Overseas Research Fellowship in 2012. The project reviewed the design and delivery of e-learning courses for students at distance and within indigenous student populations. My final report provides a straightforward guide to best practice in e-learning distance education, and can be accessed here.

The driver for Envision Training’s LLN e-Resources

While coordinating at the WELL National Strategic LLN project and facilitating the Commonweath Government’s National Foundation Skills project, it became obvious that many in vocational education had a commitment to Foundation Skills, and had some understanding of the ACSF and CSfW frameworks. However, most were unsure of HOW to provide appropriate and contextualized language, literacy and numeracy support in the classroom.

Feedback from Foundation Skills workshop participants and Registered Training Organisation staff confirmed the need for flexible, cost effective resources that were “ready to go” and didn’t involve additional time and cost.

As these resources were not readily available, Envision Training drew on their extensive vocational practical experience and strong knowledge the current needs of Registered Training Organisations to develop a suite of contextualized Language Literacy and Numeracy e-resources that provide a simple solution to Registered Training Organisation’s ACSF needs and compliance requirements.

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Our training support and consultancy services

Below is a outline of the services I have provided in the past 18+ years of working within the Vocational Education and Training. To find out how I and Envision Training can help you and your organisation, please just contact us or refer to our e-Resource products that can help support your training services.


  • Training and development. 
  • Development and delivery of professional development. 
  • Design and development of e-learning resources. 
  • Conference and workshop facilitation. 
  • Facilitation of National Foundation Skills workshops.


  • Training and optimisation support. 
  • Compliance. 
  • E-Learning. 
  • Language, Literacy and Numeracy (and support). 
  • VET trainer/assessor mentoring and support. 
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