What is an assessor guide and what should I be including?



In some respects, the ACSF pre enrolment indicator tool is not much different to your normal processes of developing and facilitating assessment processes within your VET courses.

As with a course unit, once you have developed your pre-enrolment assessment tools, you need to develop an assessor guide.

This guide will provide expected/accepted answers to the pre-enrolment assessment questions.

The purpose of the assessment guide is to:

  • Provide the assessors with expected/accepted answers
  • Ensure consistency in assessment decisions within a range of assessors
  • Demonstrate the level to which the responses should be developedby the student
  • Assist new assessors by providing sample answers

Your assessor guide should also include clear instructions  on how the assessment should be conducted:

  • Are the assessments to be conducted 1:1?
  • Are they to be conducted in a group environment?
  • Who can facilitate the assessment process?
  • Can the potential students use a calculator?
  • Can the potential students use a dictionary?
  • What the assessor should do if they are unsure if the student responses are satisfactory or not.
  • What  the assessor should do if the student has been unable to answer the questions in line with the assessor guide
  • Who the assessor should refer to if they are unsure regarding any aspects of their role.
  • Along with any specific organisational considerations related to how your RTO conducts their pre-enrolment processes.


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