How do I provide high level LLN support?

OK, I’ve completed my TAELLN unit.

I’ve got the certificate

I still don’t get how I now provide high level and specialist LLN support to my students.  Help!


The answer is easy.    You don’t!!

Think about what you learned in your unit.

Maybe even review the unit of competency to see what the unit should have covered.

You will find that the unit covered the following:

  • Analysing LLN requirements (now to identify skills required in the workplace and how to identify the LLN skills of the learner group)
  • Identify resources to support  student LLN skills development (click on link below to access student support resources)
  • Identifing and implementing some learning support strategies within your training/assessment practice
  • Identify when specialist LLN support is required
  • Access specialist LLN support when required
  • Review effectiveness of learning support and assessment strategies.

You will see from the points highlighted, that you are NOT supposed to be (nor should you consider yourself as) an LLN specialist.

Nor should your workplace expect you to be able to provide specialist LLN support after doing one short LLN unit.

Your role is to identify when specialised LLN support is required, have access to a list of specialist LLN support options and provide the link between the student and the LLN specialist.


Onwards and upwards.
Click here to access student LLN resources


Sheila Douglas.




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