I’ve completed the TAELLN411 unit, but where to from here?

OK, so you’ve done the unit.

You’ve got the certificate.

But where to next??

Working with language, literacy and numeracy support is a journey that has many forks in the road. Like all journeys they can be a little scary, but very rewarding.

Completing your TAELLN411 unit  provides the basic framework and knowledge to launch you into your LLN support journey.

Consider this:

As a trainer – are you sure that you are always delivering your content at the appropriate LLN level for your students?

Is there a chance that you are delivering more at your own LLN level, which may be higher?

How did you determine the LLN level of your unit (or did you just consider that it was obvious?)

How did you know that other trainers shared your understanding of the LLN levels required?

Did you consider the impact on students when different trainers use differing levels of language, not only in what they say, but in the resources they provide and the assessment tasks the use?


Now consider:

What do you see as the positive impact on your students when the above issues have been addressed?

Can only be good.

The knowledge gained from your TAELLN411 unit ensures that you are now better placed to recognise these potential problems and take practical steps to address them.

So, what are the steps you need to consider?   They will be addressed in following posts.

Remember that as trainers, we really do make a difference……

To help you provide high level and customised LLN student support, click below:

Click here to access student LLN resources


Need to update your trainers and staff on ACSF, its implications and application?

A professional development video in an easy to follow format is available on our Professional Development Hub.

Onwards and upwards!

Sheila Douglas

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