TAELLN411 – What did you learn from this unit? It’s more than just LLN assessment tools.

So, you’ve completed your TAELLN unit and are ready to go……fully confident that you know everything there is to know about the assessment of students.  Thoroughly versed in the LLN support of students.  Absolutely sure that you can develop LLN tests and  know how to develop LLN assessment tools ……..absolutely!!!!      Am  I right????

Or maybe you are you a little in overload?   Don’t worry, most people are.

Yeah, it’s tricky.  The TAELLN unit is a great unit and provides you with the basics, but you can be left feeling a little “lost and confused”.  Remember that the unit isn’t designed to make you an LLN specialist.  Thankfully!

The unit is designed to provide you with the basic understanding of the ACSF and how to apply in within your workplace. You probably have gained more from the time spent learning this unit that you have realised.  The main things you would have gained include:

Understanding the role of the ACSF – what does it mean, how to I read and interpret it, what is its purpose.  (this is covered in previous bloggs)

Mapping the units you plan to deliver and documenting the relevant ACSF levels required of each core skills (ie Learning, Reading, Writing, Oral Communication and numeracy)

Based on this mapping developing LLN tests or LLN assessments, written at the correct level to provide the opportunity for your students to demonstrate their skills at the relevant ACSF level.

Providing an LLN test or LLN assessment to all students, prior to them enrolling in the course.

Developing appropriate LLN assessment tools and documentation.   This includes:

  • LLN assessment tools
  • Marking guides
  • Assessor guides
  • Outcome of assessment recording documentation
  • Individual Learning Plan where it has been identified that students require LLN support
  • LLN student support resources to demonstrate the your students have received adequate help and assistance to develop the appropriate LLN skills during their training.

Using LLN resources to customise delivery/assessment to meet the needs of the learner

Accessing specialised LLN support where necessary.  You are not required to be the expert here, there are others to help.

If you have a good grasp of these issues, they you are well on your way to providing great LLN assessment and support to your students.   Congratulations!!!

Future posts will further clarify each of the issues so you can rest assured that you are addressing the requirements correctly.


Need to update your trainers and staff on ACSF, its implications and application?

A professional development video in an easy to follow format is available on our Professional Development Hub.

Onwards and upwards!
Click here to access student LLN resources

Sheila Douglas

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