Do I need to determine the foundation skill levels for the courses we deliver?

A bit of revision here ………OK, so now we’ve looked at the “Foundation Skills Statements”.    You will have noticed that the terminology can become quite confusing.

To assist you through the maze, just remember the following:

Foundation Skills – The skills the students need to achieve on completion of a course. (can be found in the unit of competency)

Foundation Skills statement – A term often used in reference to the area of a unit of competency that points to where the foundation skills are embedded within the document.  Also used to describe the area (that you will now be inserted into a TAS) where you have identified the Foundation Skill levels for the course.

Foundation Skills training package (FSK).  A complete training package, including units and courses that relate to the development of foundation skills.

You can relax and be much less confused once you are confident in your understanding of these terms.


Now to move on………

Do I need to identify the Foundation Skill levels for the courses we deliver?

Simple answer – YES!!!   For all courses you deliver, you need to clearly identify and record the foundation skills levels required of the course.  Remember that once these levels are identified, they need to be distributed to your trainers/assessors. (not just kept in a filing cabinet or on your computers!)

Why do I have to do this?

You are now required to review the Units of Competency within your courses.  From this review, you need to identify the ACSF and CSFW levels required of the unit.

Remember that these levels are EXIT levels, which means that the students need to demonstrate their abilities at these levels when they have completed their course.

Confused??  This is the same principle as ACF levels.  In an AQF3 course, students are required to be deemed competent at AQF3 on completion of the course.  Your training is what has got them to that level.

The same applies with ACSF.   Whilst students may not be quite at the correct level on admission to your course, they may be able to demonstrate their ability at the identified level by the end of the course.   Your training and support would have assisted them to attain the correct level.   More on this in future posts.

I thought that ACSF levels are the same as the AQF levels of a course.   Is this right?   Again, simple answer – NO!!

The AQF  describes the criteria for each AQF level and outlines what a student needs to demonstrate at each level.  The criteria for each level may include:
  • Theoretical and practical knowledge,
  • Technical and procedural knowledge,
  • Cognitive technical and communication skills,
  • Level of Autonomy and judgement.

The ACSF describes the criteria for each ACSF level and outlines what a student should demonstrate at each level.  The criteria for each level  includes:

  • Learning
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Oral Communication
  • Numeracy

So you can see that the two frameworks are identifying different aspects of the students’ abilities.

Successful demonstration of both the AQF level requirements, and ACSF level requirements enables assessors to provide a “Competent” outcome for the students.

How do we identify and record  the foundation skill levels of a course?

We will answer this question, and provide some resources to assist you, in the next blog.

Need to update your trainers and staff on ACSF, its implications and application?

A professional development video in an easy to follow format is available on our Professional Development Hub.


Onwards and upwards!!

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Sheila Douglas


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