Where do "foundation skills statements" fit in?

I’ve heard the term “foundation skills statement”  what are these?

This is a term sometimes used to describe the area within a competency standard that outlines the Foundation Skills required of the unit.  See example below.


This area of the new style competency standards informs the reader that the “Reading, Oral Communication, Interact with Others and Get the Work Done” requirements of ACSF and CSfW are embedded into this unit.  It also provides guidance as to where they are embedded.

This is done by highlighting the relevant performance criteria.

This area of a competency standard provides you with assistance when identifying the ACSF and CSfW levels of your course.

Do the numbers in the “Performance Criteria” column identify the ACSF and CSfW Levels?

No.  They are pointing you to where you can find, then identify, the levels within the performance criteria.

So I still need to identify the actual levels myself by using the frameworks?


I’ve also heard the term “foundation skills statements” used in relation to the TAS.  What does this mean?

Once you have identified the Foundation Skills requirements of the course, they should be included in the TAS. Sometimes this inclusion is referred to as the foundation skills statement.  See example below:


Once the Foundation Skills levels of a course have been identified, this information needs to be circulated to all trainers/assessors.

Providing Professional Development opportunities that clearly explain the concepts and use of Foundation Skills will ensure that all trainers/assessor are “on the same page” and able to integrate the delivery and assessment of FS’s into their professional practice.


The next blog will answer the following questions:

Do we need to identify the Foundation Skill levels for the courses we deliver?

How do we do this?

Once we have identified the levels of a course, how do we know that prospective students are capable of undertaking the course?

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Need to update your trainers and staff on ACSF, its implications and application?

A professional development video in an easy to follow format is available on our Professional Development Hub.


Onwards and upwards!







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